What is Regulatory Matters ?

Regulatory Matters is an educational and regulatory consulting practice which will provide innovative solutions to assist career colleges achieve business objectives and consistently maintain quality assurance measures while adhering to regulatory compliance. Regulatory Matters knows how it all fits together – school operations, financial aid, classroom management, student services, and compliance.

Why use Regulatory Matters ?

Regulatory Matters specializes in the private career college sector and, therefore, has the knowledge and experience to understand the climate and business issues facing its clients.

Regulatory Matters approaches each assignment, appreciating the unique needs of each school: there is not a standard template to satisfy your needs. After assessing the requirements and objectives Regulatory Matters will recommend appropriate strategies and customized solutions for the individual school operation. Regulatory Matters has the experience of being a results-driven project manager, adept at leading complex assignments, from inception to implementation, in a collaborative, multi-stakeholder environment.

How can Regulatory Matters save my operations time and money?

The sector has undergone significant legislative changes over the past few years. The quality bar has been raised. The new legislation will provide students with greater protection and quality assurance, which in turn will strengthen and grow the sector. However with increased regulatory governance, there are direct and indirect associated costs that will impact your bottom line.